Shackleton : little night music

What kind of music Sam Shackleton is listening to when he's home, alone at night, in the dark? Aren't you curious to know? Well, listen to his exclusive playlist for you and us, below. As unique as he is... A great harvest and a privileged access to Shackleton 2010's private audio galaxy, now enhanced by insightful comments on his demanding but equally rewarding selection. (Kopel, Paris, March 2013)

ShackletonMy tastes change all the time and I tend to get obsessed with a record for a few months and then move on to something else. These days it tends to be all L.Subrâmaniam or Kadri Golpanath ! That said, I really like all the playlist still even though it reflects what I was listening too a couple of years ago more. 

Six Organs of Admittance
Drag City ( 2009 )
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You Can Always See The Sun ( Play it with Youtube )
Creation Aspect Earth ( Reprise ) ( Play it with Youtube )

One of the guys at Hardwax turned me on to the Six Organs stuff. I find it really melancholic and at the same time beautiful without being cheesy.

Olivier Messiaen
Quartet For The End Of Time
RCA ( 1976 - originally composed in 1940 )
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L'abîme des oiseaux (The abyss of the birds) ( Play it with Youtube )
Intermède (Interlude) ( Play it with Youtube )
Danse de la fureur, pour les sept trompettes (Dance of fury, for the seven trumpets) ( Play it with Youtube )

I started listening to the Messiaen album after reading a book called "The Rest Is Noise" which is about modern composers and the history and circumstances surrounding them. It was so interesting that I bought loads of records that interested me from that book and, of all the records I bought, this was the one that really got me. The instrumentation is necessarily sparse due to it being put together in a Nazi camp where Messiaen was detained but that is part of the strength of it. It is hard not to put significance on the music due to knowing how it came about. I think knowing the history makes me appreciate the music even more.

Zoviet France
Just An Illusion
Staalplaat ( 1990 )
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Wood Shock ( Play it with Youtube )
Ascend A Fall ( Play it with Youtube )
Lief Kim ( Play it with Youtube )

The Zoviet France record is totally minimal and really draws me in every time. It seems to disappear to nothing half way through which always catches me zoning out and then it snaps back again. The simplest things are always the most effective I suppose!

Future Days
United Artist Records ( 1973 )
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Future Days ( Play it with Youtube )

I have liked Can for a couple of decades but I used to think this record paled in comparison to their Tago Mago. Now I have come to recognise its qualities. It is not as raw or demanding but that is perhaps why it works at nighttime for me.

Musick To Play In The Dark
Chalice ( 1999 )
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Are you shivering ? ( Play it with Youtube )
Red Queen ( Play it with Youtube )
Strange Birds ( Play it with Youtube )

Musick To Play In The Dark²
Chalice ( 2000 )
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Tiny Golden Books ( Play it with Youtube )
Ether ( Play it with Youtube )
Where Are You ? ( Play it with Youtube )

The Coil records are pure genius. It is pretty much all I could ever want from music. The production is mind-blowing but only serves to enhance the raw emotionality of it rather than detract from it. At the same time there are aspects that are hilarious and playful. Some people thought that I called my album "Music for the Quiet Hour" as a tribute to these records. I didn't as it goes, it was a tribute to Jan August who I used to listen to as a teenager with a friend but I still I would hope that I could only achieve a fraction of what is on those two Coil records with my own music so it isn't a bad call in any case.

Jarvik Mindstate
Punch Drunk ( 2009 )
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Bluez ( Play it with Youtube )
Clunk Click Every Trip ( Play it with Youtube )
Infinity Is Now ( Play it with Youtube )

Peverelist is a don. He is totally understated and controlled in his approach but the way he builds his tracks is the key for me. I suppose that he has a fairly familiar aesthetic as far as club music goes but he is totally militant with his use of repetition and the gradual builds and subtle changes and never goes in for cheap gimmicks in the music.

Tangerine Dream
Ohr ( 1972 )
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Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities - part 1 ( Play it with Youtube )
Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities - part 2 ( Play it with Youtube )

As for Tangerine Dream, I think I had always thought of them as being the lighter or hippy end of German music of that era but now I realise that that was my youthful arrogance. Although it is ambient in a sense, this is not music for the feel-good market or particularly easy listening. It is deep, dark and a little bit frightening. Not that I like to be frightened! It is just the need for a bit of edge I suppose. Especially good when combined with the Johnny Cash spoken word box set which my good friend Vengeance Tenfold recommended to me. What a voice (Cash I mean but also VT of course). I could listen to that guy reading a shopping list. Give him The New Testament and how could it not sound great?"

Johnny Cash
The Spoken Word New Testament
John R. Cash ( 1990 )
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"These last two ( Tangerine Dream & Johnny Cash ), I like to play at the same time ..." ( Shackleton )

Berlin techno based, dubstep forward-thinker and more, sub-bass master and African hand-drum percussions collector, highly recognizable and consistent UK producer Sam Shackleton will soon tour some good clubs with his new live (May 11th at the Machine du Moulin Rouge for Paris in 2013). Though I often wonder if there will ever be a club or a promoter in Paris, bold enough to offer Sam a monthly residence: "hear me talkin' hillbilly boys?!"

Just after Sam Shackleton and I met and sympathised, after his live at the Rex Club in 2010, Ruddy Candillon a talented and not only electronic musicians photographer (Ruddy's 'Masters Of Celebration') took some picture of us. Just jet a glance at my jacket on the left, it’s so crumpled, it’s dead laundry. Add my over-sweated pants: my suit got ruined that night. Though, I was not the only one, down on my knees, with dancing hands up, appealing to secret gods and surrounded by shamans. Shackleton got us in trance…

Groove N’Vibes has been proud to present an exclusive and surprising playlist, prepared for you in 2011 and now commented (2013) by the gifted SAM SHACKLETON: A Little Night Music.

Is it late? Is it dark? Are you alone? You can listen then… Up!

Words / Kopel / New version March 2013


Anthony 'Shake' Shakir : Songs and stuff

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Miles Davis
Kind of Blue
Columbia ( 1959 )

Spotify - Deezer
Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome
Casablanca ( 1977 )


Central Heating
Epic ( 1977 )

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A Tribe Called Quest
The Low End Theory
Jive ( 1991 )

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Stevie Wonder
Songs In The Key Of Life
Tamla ( 1976 )

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Isaac Hayes
Stax ( 1971 )

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Curtis Mayfield
Curtom ( 1972 )

Public Enemy
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
Def Jam ( 1988 )


Sly & The Family Stone
Epic ( 1969 )


John Coltrane
A Love Supreme
Impulse! ( 1965 )


Minnie Riperton
Perfect Angel
Epic ( 1974 )



Alleys Of Your Mind
Deep Space ( 1981 )

Youtube - Spotify

Model 500
Metroplex ( 1985 )

Youtube : No UFO's - Future - Night Drive (Time Space Transmat)

Rhythim Is Rhythim
Transmat (1987 )

Youtube : Strings of Life (Original Mix)   -  Feel Surreal

Lil' Louis
Music Takes U Away
Dance Mania ( 1988 )


Inner City
10 Records ( 1989 )

Youtube : Big Fun - Good Life

A Guy Called Gerald
Rham! ( 1988 )

Youtube : Blow Your House Down  - Tranquility On Phobos 

808 State
Creed Records ( 1989 )


Your Only Friend
Trax Records ( 1987 )

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Bubble Metropolis
Underground Resistance ( 1993 )

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Robert Hood
The Pace
Axis ( 1994 )

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