Eddie C : The first 20 years influential essentials

Canadian and neo-Berliner DJ/Producer Eddie C plays and comments his early memorable and influential tracks. Heavy load of extra goodies inside. Taste.

From the top of the Rocky Mountains to La Mecca for Techno semi-gods, don’t schuss, slow down… Canadian experienced DJ, long time record collector and don of downbeats producer Eddie C (Edward Currelly) just settled his new base camp in Berlin. Before flying -overloaded with waxed slices and armed with some new releases to be fired-, on some quiet morning in Banff, a large cup of coffee in his hands, surrounded by his beautiful lands and soundscapes, Eddie took his time to dig through his memory, record collection and unearth some of his most influential tracks. A selection of mixes, news and goodies are included in the pack. Tags: afrobeat, deep-house, disco-house, electro-boogie, Endless Flight, funky, hip hop, house, italo, laidback, nu-disco, Red Motorbike, slo-mo, soul-fired, soulful, underground dance music... Paris, Monday 24 October 2011. Words, Lionel Kopelowicz (Kopel). 

Eric B. & Rakim
Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix)
4th & Broadway ( 1987 )

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This is the first record I ever bought. In 1986 a friend introduced me to Run DMC and my musical taste changed forever (or should I say, began!) I was first inspired by late night Toronto radio and used to stay up and record cassettes of Chris Sheppard and Deadly Headly Jones' show on CFNY. They both played all kinds of music but what caught my ear first was Hip Hop that was full of samples and scratching.

Public Enemy
Rebel without a pause ( Chad Jackson Remix )
DMC 1987

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I am still a huge Public Enemy fan. I actually recently met Chuck D in Banff. Crazy eh? Everything about them was perfect. They have been written about in length so I'm sure I don't need to get into it. Bomb Squad production is probably my favorite of all time. This version of "Rebel" I heard on CFNY. That "Funky Drummer" beat! They always used to play rare DMC mixes of my favorite cuts. What an incredible time for music!!

Royal House
Can You Party
Idlers ( 1988 )

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Around the same time there was plenty of British and American Acid House being played in Toronto. This was probably the first house record I bought. My friends were all into New Order, Erasure, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys or Hip Hop of the time. I had a good friend I used to go record shopping with in Toronto back then at Starsound and Record Peddler. He was buying stuff like this and Black Box or S-Express and the like. I remember especially picking up Fast Eddie "Yo Yo Get Funky", A Guy Called Gerald "Voodoo Ray", Bomb the Bass "Beat Dis", Simon Harris "Bass", Richie Rich "Turn it Up" and Double Dee and Steinski "Lesson 3". Honestly I didn't really think about the genre thing too much back then. Still try not to! This tune by Todd Terry is a good example of a cross-over type of sound between House and Hip Hop without being "Hip House" per se ;)

Nightmares on wax
Dextrous ( The Downbeat Mix )
Warp ( 1989 )

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Loved all the early Warp records. In Toronto they called this style "Purple House" back in the day.

Underground Resistance
The Final Frontier
Underground Resistance ( 1991 )

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Never heard anything like this. What an incredible record to define what was to come in the 90s!! From 92-95 I was buying all kinds of music. There was no ignoring the hardcore and breakbeat techno scene coming out of London. The Toronto rave scene was modeled directly after London's and developed in much the same way. At most parties you would hear all kinds of music and I was a fan of it all. Still have about a crate of Ragga Jungle and Hardcore that I will never part with. :)

Plus 8 ( 1993 )

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Listening to this really puts me in a time and place. Richie Hawtin was an enormous inspiration for many people in Southern Ontario. Plastikman was indeed like a cult. The first time I went to Detroit was for a Plastikman show. The parties are very difficult to describe but 'intense' would probably be a good word.

Paul Johnson
A Little Suntin Suntin
Peacefrog ( 1996 )

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I bought so many records on Peacefrog. I remember seeing people jumping in Play de Record grabbing these records of the wall. I was living in Kitchener and was heavy into Detroit and Chicago House and Techno around this period.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist
Sixty 7 Recordings ( 1999 )

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As the 90s came to a close I moved out west and began collecting older music for the first time. At first I was digging for samples and breaks I had heard in early Hip Hop and House. I was very lucky to have Canada's largest used record shop within an hour from my house here in Banff. I actually met DJ Shadow there in '01. He bought at least 3 crates worth of vinyl that day. This mix is perhaps a good example of records I would be looking for.

Miroslav Vitous
New York City
Warner ( 1976 )

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A great example of some early jazz-funk/disco that I would have bought around 2000.

Mark E
Beat Down
Running Back ( 2006 )

Play it with Spotify - RA Track ( excerpt )

One of the first "new records" I started to buy after my 5 or 6 year hiatus! Around this time I was living in Victoria on Vancouver Island and was playing at a spot where I was focussing on mid-tempo music of all genres and eras. Production-wise I was slowly making a switch from Hip Hop to slower tempo dance music. Mark E's music was definitely a big inspiration.


Eddie's selected mixes :
Sirup Podcast 004 (Zagreb) - Eddie C
Clubberia Podcast 075 (Japan) - Eddie C

Eddie's mix pick :
Beats in Space Podcast 531 - Kenji Takimi
There are so many mixes I could choose from... I have enjoyed this one frequently over this past year however: Kenji Takimi on BIS. His mix begins at minute 9:30

Best memory behind the decks?

Probably sometime when my friends and I were teenagers. My friend Joe lost both his grandparents and his father around the same time and he inherited his grandparents house and some money with which he built a mobile DJ set up complete with cube van, light show, everything. One year we all drove out to the Destiny 3-day rave somewhere in Ontario and set up our own stage and played all night without getting shut down. Those were fun days... But everyone loves those days don't they?

Best nightclub soundsystems you met?

Oh man, so many odd places... Sound is so subjective... Or is it? A blasting, clipping, broken clock radio on a bus in Port-au-Prince sounds as good to me as Harvey's system at 39 Hotel in Honolulu y'know? Maybe not I guess... Detroit always had crazy systems. Toronto did too come to think of it.

Any radio show/podcast you like to listen to when you have time?

I used to listen to RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy Radio) all the time. I should get back into it. There is some great stuff on there. I listen to Tim Sweeney's show, Beats In Space, whenever I can on WNYU. Also, the owner of Vinyl Records in Vancouver, David Jones, has a great show on African Rhythms Radio.

Where do you buy you records ?

Usually from retired planetarium sound techs, or from someone's great uncle who overdosed on heroin. But I also love or loved these shops:

Toronto: Play de Record, Cosmos Records, Starsound (RIP)
Calgary: Recordland
Edmonton: Treehouse Records
Vancouver: Vinyl Records
Victoria: Regalia Boutique, Goldy Music (RIP)
London: Phonica Records, Juno Records
Detroit: Threads, Submerge, Recordtime (RIP)
New York: A-1 Records
Berlin: Oye Records (I have yet to get into the digging around here... so far the flea markets are pretty amazing).
Tokyo: Hiyoko, Disk Union, Jet Set Records, Lighthouse Records, Technique Records.
Nagoya: Pigeon Records


1st release on my own 7" label Red Motorbike (October 2011, out)
3rd release with Dane 7" label Common Edit
Track on Kiko Navarro mix CD "Paradisco"
EP with remix by The Backwoods + track on CD comp for Crue-L Records (Japan)
Remix for Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt on Exquisite Pain (Marseille)
Remix of Noodleman on Kolour Ltd Recordings (Detroit)
Remix of Hrdvsion on We Have Friends (Vancouver)
Remix of Alexander Holland on Disco Bueno (Australia)
Remix of Maurice Aymard on MBF ltd. (Traum)
Remix of Move D's Lookalikes (unreleased at the moment).
Remix of Coyote (unreleased at the moment).


  • Lionel Kopelowicz ("Kopel", GnV), words, editor.
  • Jérôme (GnV), tracks hunting, back-office and administration.
  • Liliana Gallego Vázquez (leeblula), traducción Inglés a Español / Spanish version.
  • Dana Blumin and Caroline Howard, English proof-readers.
  • Mandarine Fabre pour ses re-lectures très utiles en Français.
  • Pictures : Christina Craft (cover) and Brena Currelly

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