Marcellus Pittman : Ten essential tracks

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Son and dude of the D Marcellus Pittman pulls out his ten essentials from the crates and comments them for Groove N'Vibes.

Say it loud: we are proud to publish this talented and quite discreet DJ/Producer/Label founder who occasionally plays keyboards for the Theo Parrish's Rotating Assembly and is also part of at least two other prestigious Detroit based collectives such as the Three Chairs and the T.O.M. Project, playing alongside musicians like Moodymann, Theo Parrish again, Omar S or Rick Wilhite... Enough name dropping: if you know none of these guyz, just get a super sized hammer, smash your computer with it, buy some decks, some of their records and go back to the D school. Within a few years, you might like to call me or your hammer "Godfather". Anyway, dear Marcellus confessed me he forevermore got hooked when he first saw Monsieur Anthony Shakir unorthodoxically spinning records at a party, back in the days, when he was 18... Since then, of course, Marcellus Pittmann has gone on digging records and made his own way to the inner circle of quality Detroit producers. Check his releases and enjoy some pictures our friend Anne-Sophie Jal took for his first time at the Rex Club in Paris. (Kopel)

Loose Ends
A Little Spice
Virgin ( 1983 )

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The entire album. But the song that changed my life was "Hangin on a String". I remember hearing that song and asking my dad how did they make that.? Nick Martinelli on production along with Loose Ends (Jane Eugene,Carl McIntosh, and Steve Nichol) you, or better yet we can't go wrong.

Zernell & Goodking
Grimy Edits ( 2010 )

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I got the edit from Gramaphone records (Chicago) and I heard the the keys come in on the one and i took it off the TT cause I knew it was some heat. Haven't stopped playin it since. Shout out to Grimy edits.

Mysteries Of The World
Philadelphia International Records ( 1980 )

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WJZZ was the name of the jazz station in Detroit were I first heard this tune. I was 12 years old when I heard this and JZZ had this on regular rotation until the last days of that station(1995). I was a WJZZZ follower until I heard my # 1 pick of the litter.

Model 500
Bang The Beat
Metroplex ( 1986 )

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See, back in those days when this music was being played on the airwaves in peak hours, you were glued to the radio. This was one track that did it. I couldn't wait to hear it again. I recorded some of those shows but I know that one of my brothers taped over them.

Jack Master Funk
Jack The Bass
Trax Records ( 1985 )

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I'm from the eastside of the D and when I heard this ,  fools jittin in the lunchroom at lunch break time in my middle school years. My cousins put me up on this tune and a whole bunch of other tracks back in them days when music was fun to listen and dance to.

It's gonna be a beautiful night ( Live )
Paisley Park ( 1987 )

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I didn't become a Prince fan until I saw the 1987 NYE video with Mr. Miles Davis playing trumpet with them on this song. I respected Prince's musicianship for this one. Everything he and he's band did (from him and Shelia E switching from drum playing to vocals) was monumental.

Slum Village
Donut Boy Recordings ( 1996 )

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I think this is one of Jay Dee's freshest beats because if you listen to it carefully you can hear how there's nothin but vocal harmony in the back round emulating a keyboard and bass and what sounds like someone saying PLAAAYYEEERRR! but there really saying Clara. A womans name.

52nd Street
Factory ( 1982 )

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This track was played on a mix cd by a good disc jockey from Chicago named Cesar Ramirez. Very talented dude on the 1's and 2's. I asked him wtf is that and he told me. Thanks Lil Cesar! LOL!

Loose Ends
If my lovin' makes you hot
Virgin ( 1985 )

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Again strong 80's tune that gets me going. And BTW # 10, 9 and 8 tunes are of UK essence. Something about that sound. 

RAH Band
Messages From The Stars
TMT Records ( 1983 )

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This track sounds far out 80's (and i'm a lover of 80's music and i hope that make sense if not then fuck it) When I say far out I mean cosmic.

SELECTED UNRELEASED PICTURES ( © Anne-Sophie Jal , Get Underground @ Rex Club, Paris, Sept 2011 )


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Raul Cornejo said...

I love how he stays away from the old US-bound reverence to 80s soul/funk and delves deep into the UK grooves. Also, "Messages from the Stars" is so great that this tune alone made me praise his selection...